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Penguin Run

Jan. 20, 2013

  • 12:00


Dave Chamberlain is aiming to run along the historical breeding range of the African Penguin comprising of 2700 km from Walvis Bay in Namibia to St. Croix Island in Port Elizabeth. He is undertaking this extraordinary task to raise awareness of the plight of the African Penguin.

The African Penguin population has undergone an 80% decrease over the last 50 years. Only 25 000 pairs remain where there used to be 141 000 pairs in the wild. As their numbers continue to dwindle, their extinction in our lifetime could happen if something is not done soon. The causes for this are many, but most strongly from reduced food availability (through changes in fish distribution and possible competition with fisheries), as well as predation from seals and sharks, oils spills and other pollution.

Not all news is bad news. BirdLife South Africa has completed fundamental research on the establishment of a land-based African Penguin Colony, similar to Boulders Beach in Cape Town. The preferred site has been identified as Robberg Peninsula in Plettenberg Bay. Meetings have been held with BirdLife and Cape Nature, and other role players, followed up with site visits to Robberg. The research is ongoing, but there is a real possibility that as a last resort an African Penguin Colony on the Robberg would be established to ensure the survival of the species!

Dave will be coming through Plettenberg Bay on Sunday, 20th of January and we, as Plett locals, have the unique opportunity to show our support for this cause by welcoming Dave into our beautiful town in true Plett fashion. Join the Plettenberg Bay Community Environment Forum, BirdLife Plett and the Bitou Municipality in running or walking with Dave as he enters Plett from the N2 traffic circle at Shell Garage at 12:00pm following the route past the taxi rank up High Street towards Beacon Way and back up Main Street ending at LM in Plett restaurant where he will be welcomed by the Mayor of Plett and have lunch and refreshments. There you will be able to meet Dave and find out more about his unique and cause worthy adventure. You can also follow Dave’s progress on or

Obo Plettenberg Bay Community Environment Forum

and BirdLife Plettenberg Bay

Working in conjunction with Bitou Municipality 

For more information, please contact Chrissie Cloete at

TEL: 044 533 5824 CELL: 082 064 6645